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Respect before all else.
PSS Worldwide condemns any conduct that is in conflict with environmental protection and is committed to educating divers about a sustainable approach to the underwater world.
PSS has set up the WED project (an acronym for "Water - Environment - Divers") to promote and support environmental protection and the marine ecosystem.

We really do it.

We motivate the students on our courses, through the texts and programs, to behave respectfully towards the environment in which they are guests.
We teach students about the techniques to use in the water and the rules to follow so they may integrate with the environment without damaging it or altering its delicate equilibrium.
We sponsor certified no-profit scientific research projects aimed at making important contributions to the environment.
We collaborate with official bodies and institutions whose aims are to protect the environment.
We encourage initiatives and events that promote the environment.
We educate PSS professionals about marine ecology so they are up-to-date and aware of the important topics regarding all aspects of marine life.
Small everyday gestures.

The personal commitment of all PSS professionals is essential in order to instill respect for the underwater environment and awareness of the need to protect it among the diving public.

But, above all, it is our everyday actions (such as carrying a small net on a dive to collect any trash or plastic on the sea bed or dive site) that are important. Good examples also help teach future divers to be nature lovers.

Always special.
Those who choose PSS always want to stand out.
This is also why we have created the 'Special Edition' card.

Request the 'Special Edition' card and support, together with PSS, the WED (Water Environment Diver) project created to protect the marine environment and ecosystem.

The "Adopt a turtle" project.

Created through collaboration between PSS and the Anton Dohrn Zoological Station for the recovery and rehabilitaion of turtles accidentally captured or injured; monitoring of beaching; creating awareness and educating the general public in regards to the conservation and the responsible management and use of the marine environment.

EVO - The most advanced study system
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Instructor Crossover Program
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WED Project
To support and protect the marine ecosystem.
The PSS standards
Being part of RSTC qualifies PSS as an international diver training agency.
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