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We have changed the way of diving.

Learn, wherever you are.
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Content of great cultural value, cutting-edge teaching technology and the continuous updating of standards and educational programs have earned PSS the title as the leader in the field of diving education.

Thanks to ongoing research into the latest technologies and the development of new training solutions, you can now learn to scuba dive quickly and easily from any device.

In fact, the PSS applications the only ones designed and developed for use with PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Manuals, quizzes, training videos and the possibility to interact with the instructor... all in your pocket!

Teach, wherever you are.
For you, an instructor, PSS has created the best educational tools that you could possibly need.

In your reserved area you will have the opportunity to monitor your students' progress, correct their tests, organize the dives, and of course, issue certifications.

Thanks to the brand new system of study, PSS can now also create virtual classrooms and hold courses and lessons online.
Learn, work, have fun and socialize.
PSS technology is always designed to be used, by both divers and instructors, with the greatest simplicity and with any platform or operating system.
Etraining PSS
The new online program to organize and manage corrective lessons between instructor and students.
Designed for divers, indispensable for instructors.
Apple    Android    Windows
Interactive Ebook
Look, listen, read, touch and interact.
Your certifications with you at all times.
Apple    Android    Windows
Your dives always with you
Register and share your passion with the new PSS logbook
the PSS Logbook is available on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

Geolocalization Multiple units
Social sharing Dive map
Scuba and freediving Course Logbook
Photo album Dive buddies
Weather and sea conditions Statistics

The most advanced study system,
from the most avant-garde diver training agency.

Only the genius of PSS, could give you EVO, the most sophisticated IT tool specifically for divers. PSS, in fact, was the first training agency in the world to introduce e-learning to diving, the first to use the innovative concept of “flipped teaching” and is the only agency to have an automated e-training system.
Elearning has evolved into "PSS EVO". You can evolve too.
EVO - The most advanced study system
Find out more about the training method that is envied in the world of diving.
Find out why
Instructor Crossover Program
we have created the best programme possible so you can realize your desire to cross over to PSS
find out more
WED Project
To support and protect the marine ecosystem.
The PSS standards
Being part of RSTC qualifies PSS as an international diver training agency.
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