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The secret of the abyss.
There are wrecks concealed beneath the sea all around the world that lie beyond the depths of normal recreational diving. Sunk in remote locations and often more than one hundred meters deep, these wrecks are usually the coveted destinations of "wreck hunters", however, specially equipped ships and professional teams are usually needed to reach them.

For simple diving enthusiasts, who certainly don't have access to specially equipped expensive ships, PSS has created the research program "D.W.E.L.L.E.R." Deep Wreck Exploration with Light and Limited Equipment Research.

Some achievements of the DWELLER research project
Zealot (2005)
This was the first DWELLER expedition carried out in the now distant 2005. Leaving for the small but deep reef of Daedalus Shoal we manage to discover and identify the wreck of the Zealot, a cargo ship carrying railway equipment that sank in 1887. The discovery was covered by various Italian television programs and diving magazines.
Turkey - since 2007:
In the waters of the Gulf of Suez a Greek cargo ship 90 long sank in 1941 with all its cargo still aboard. The depth is certainly not a prohibitive factor: less than 20 meters. Even so for several years we have been the only divers to dive this wreck. Italian television and diving magazines covered the story.
Cape Clear - since 2007:
This magnificent English armed cargo ship over 130 meters long, sunk in 1944, lies in navigation trim at a depth of just 60 meters. This is an intact virgin wreck with cannons, ammunition, machine guns, bell, tableware, utensils - a dream within - almost - everyone's reach which, since its discovery, has luckily remained our own exclusive secret. Several diving magazines covered the story.
Maidan - since 2009:
On the craggy reef of Rocky Island we were the first Italian-Egyptian team and the fourth team in the world to dive the enormous wreck of the Maidan: over 150 meters in length with a gross tonnage of 8,205. It sank in 1921 and lies between 80 and 120 meters in depth. Later we discover that hidden in the bowels of the Maidan is a small treasure of ivory: a pile of elephant tusks. A trade magazine wrote several articles covering the story.
Woolston - 2010:
The Syracusan fishermen didn't want to believe that there was a wreck just a short distance from the mouth of the port. In just one day our team found and identified it. This wreck is the remains of the English cargo ship the Woolston, sunk in 1918 by a German U-Boat. The publication of an article about the wreck in a diving magazine put us in contact with the great-grandson of Commander Taylor, who went down with his ship, who was grateful to us for having found the tomb of his great-grandfather.
Trapezium and current:
The Dweller Team's activities are carried out mostly in the Mediterranean (Italy, Tunisia, Montenegro) and in the Red Sea (Egypt). A typical characteristic of the team, made up of only well-trained divers prepared by the PSS Technical Training programs, is not to let anything stop them, even adverse environmental conditions. Few divers are to dive to over 100 meters in constant currents of between 3 and 4 knots! (photo 1st Maidan expedition).
Explore with us.

For information and the destinations of the PSS DWELLER project write to:

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