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The most advanced study system,
from the most avant-garde diver training agency.
Only the genius of PSS, could give you EVO, the most sophisticated IT tool specifically for divers. PSS, in fact, was the first training agency in the world to introduce e-learning to diving, the first to use the innovative concept of “flipped teaching” and is the only agency to have an automated e-training system.

L'elearning si è evoluto in "PSS EVO":
l'unico sistema di studio al mondo "Flipped Teaching" applicato alla subacquea.
A favorite with students.
Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, EVO immediately becomes the system of study students like best.

Manuals, quizzes, training videos and the possibility of interacting with the instructor are all available to students so they can study and prepare for the world of diving at any time and wherever they are.

EVO, in fact, is the only study system available on Smartphone, Tablet and PC.

Thanks to EVO with just a few clicks you can:

Digital manualsOnline tests and courses
Complete videosLogbooks

access using any computer device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and with any operating system to your diving “cloud”;
know, from the very beginning, all the steps of the educational path that leads you to a given qualification and check at any moment where you stand;
study or review the different modules of any course you are attending;
fill in all the quizzes foreseen for a given course and immediately get your results;
request and obtain advice on how to improve your knowledge seven days a week, 24 hours a day;
communicate with your instructor;
follow the instructor's lessons even without being present in the classroom;
always have the manuals and instructional videos of the courses attended available in their most updated version;
record all your dives in the e-logbook and request validation from your instructor;
publish your dives on social media;
download, share or send any qualification achieved.

Simplify the instructor's task
After being the global pioneer of applying e-learning and using the "flipped teaching" method in diver training, PSS presents another revolution: a multi-purpose computer tool for those who have made their passion for diving also a profession. Today the EVO system has now reached a superb and constantly rising level of quality: the evolution of evolution …

Thanks to EVO with just a few clicks you can:

Immediate activationVirtual classrooms
Corrective lessonsIssue of certification

access using any computer device (computer, tablet, smartphone) and with any operating system to all courses conducted, or in progress;
purchase and activate in real-time (one minute) the instructional kits for students, without the need for storage;
check your students’ study progress module by module;
see the individual answers of all the tests carried out by your students;
request and obtain assistance via the Internet (ticket system);
comminicate with your students;
organize lessons via the internet;
always have the course training materials available in their most updated version;
carry out a lesson to students and correct their mistakes without having to check the tests first thanks to the "e-training" system;
transfer your students, in real time, to another instructor for one or more lessons;
validate your students' dives;
have continuous control of the complete didactic path of the course and what has already been done by each individual student (theory, confined water or open water);
obtain a pdf with the complete report of the entire course of each individual student;
always have the data of all your students with you;
download, share or send any qualification your students have achieved;
order any PSS material.

EVO® is available for all PSS courses





EVO - The most advanced study system
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