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Jump into PSS World

And enjoy teaching at 360 degrees

Jump into PSS World

And enjoy teaching at 360 degrees

The best, with all due respect to the others.
PSS Worldwide is one of the most important diver training agencies in the world. Born from the passion of professionals with experience in diver training more than 25 years ago, today it trains thousands and thousands of divers every year.

PSS Worldwide is part of the pool of training agencies belonging to RSTC Europe that includes only the most important international agencies as its associates.

Membership to RSTC qualifies its associated organizations, by virtue of the common minimum standards, as "internationally recognized"

The Rules of PSS diving courses conform to the directives of the European Community (EN Standards) and to ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization). This conformity is essential in order to operate in compliance with the regulations issued within the European Community and worldwide.
Training at 360 degrees

PSS Worldwide deals with the training of divers at any level and in any activity, from free diving to recreational diving, from cave diving to technical diving. This great versatility allows us to satisfy the demands of all types of divers.
PSS Worldwide's educational activities belong to four educational divisions:
FREE DIVING: snorkeling and free diving courses.
RECREATIONAL: recreational diving courses using air or nitrox, not below 40 meters (130 feet) and within the no-decompression stop dive times.
TECHNICAL: technical diving courses using different gas mixtures, beyond any of the limits of Recreational courses.
EMERGENCY: courses in emergency management, general and specific to diving activities in particular.
It is not for everyone.

Divemasters and Assistant Instructors certified by recognized training agencies can become PSS Scuba Instructors.

Expert freedivers who want to teach freediving may qualify as PSS Free Diving Instructors.

PSS Scuba Instructors with a lot of technical diving experience can become Technical Instructors.

Scuba Instructors and Free Diving Instructors can become Emergency Instructors.

PSS professional qualifications are internationally recognized and qualify the holder to accompany and train scuba divers and freedivers.

Thanks to the quality of its training programs, that have made PSS Worldwide renowned all over the world, PSS professionals receive the best training possible and for this reason have an excellent reputation at an international level.

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The PSS standards
Being part of RSTC qualifies PSS as an international diver training agency.
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