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Enter the PSS Team of Affiliated Centers

PSS Affiliated Centers are the “official reference points” for PSS diving activities.
They may include sports clubs, diving centers and diving stores.

Whether your facility specializes in freediving, recreational diving or the no limits sector, by choosing PSS the experience, technology and quality of a brand that has been present in the world of diving for over 25 years will be at your disposal.
One brand, many advantages.
Who can become a PSS affiliate free of charge?
Diving Centers
Facilities located in areas of diving interest that regularly organize courses and diving.

Diving Clubs
Sports clubs that organize activities for divers such as courses, guided dives, dive trips...
Diving Stores
Diving shops that can provide logistical and technical support to instructors.

One brand, many advantages
PSS Worldwide is one of the most important diver training agencies in the world. Born from the passion of professionals with experience in diver training more than 25 years ago, today it trains thousands and thousands of divers every year.

With PSS by your side you will have the support of the most comprehensive pool of experts. Instructors, trainers, testimonials, a research and development department, and a marketing and communication office will support and guide your passion for life towards a business in constant renewal.
Just as you want it.
All the style, communication and credibility that our affiliates deserve.

Water, it is true, has had the same composition for millions of years, however the world around it has continuously evolved. This is why we at PSS continue to invest large resources in the development of communicative diver training.

Certifications, books, website, Elearning, Ebooks, advertising campaigns and Apps for smartphones now have a brand new look and feel which is even more simple and intuitive.
It is not for everyone.
In order to obtain recognition as a PSS affiliated center, it is necessary to have specific characteristics and only officially accredited facilities may use the PSS trademarks and credentials.

Affiliation is free but restricted to the assessment and approval of PSS Worldwide. Check now to see if your facility qualifies for affiliation with PSS.

EVO - The most advanced study system
Find out more about the training method that is envied in the world of diving.
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Instructor Crossover Program
we have created the best programme possible so you can realize your desire to cross over to PSS
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WED Project
To support and protect the marine ecosystem.
The PSS standards
Being part of RSTC qualifies PSS as an international diver training agency.
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